Keeping the bathroom walls clean is an essential part of routine household cleaning. Fortunately, tiles are one of the simplest surfaces to clean. Neglecting to clean the tiles will lead to loss of colour over time. Different types of tiles have varying requirements when it comes to ongoing care.

Keeping Bathroom Wall Clean

Keeping Bathroom Wall Clean

Using the Bathroom Environment to Your Advantage

Regular cleaning not keeps the bathroom looking and smelling fresh, but also contributes to good hygiene. For a quicker and effective clean, start the process when the bathroom is steamy and warm. The conditions are more conducive shortly after running a shower on hot. This provides an easy way to loosen some of the stains on the tile surfaces, including the grout.

Protect yourself from cleaning chemicals

It is recommended that you keep the bathroom door open while cleaning. This is aimed at avoiding breathing in cleaning agent chemicals. On the other hand, you should make an effort to wear gloves to avoid the possibility of skin irritation.


It is vital to pay close attention to grout lines since they can accumulate stains, which dulls the appearance of the tiles. Tackling grout first is a sure-fire way to ensure a good clean. Using a small brush or an old toothbrush coupled with an effective cleaning solution. However, the cleaning agent should be mild to avoid damaging the grout. Cleaning agents with ammonia and acid can spoil the surfaces. Strong cleaners like bleach tend to fade the colour when applied on dark or coloured grout.

Alternatively, you can clean the grout using a steam cleaning machine. Either hire the machine or a professional if you do not own this type of equipment. Soak the grout when dealing with stubborn stains. You can try leaving it for at least 30 minutes or overnight. In the morning, you can simply rinse the cleaning agent with clean water and dry the surface with cloth (preferably a microfibre towel).

Cleaning glass and ceramic tiles

Bathroom Wall Cleaning

Bathroom Wall Cleaning

Glazed tiles can be cleaned without the use of special treatments. However, when opting for cleaning agents, it’s important to make certain that the cleaner is well suited for grout. These types of surfaces require the use of a sponge or a scratch-resistant cloth. Regular rinsing is vital to ensure that the bathroom tiles remain spotless and sparkly. Dirty water or cloths tend to contribute to dullness of wall tiles.

For this reason, it’s necessary to follow the bathroom wall tile cleaning tips properly. Although glazed ceramic tiles do not stain easily, this is not the case with unglazed ceramic tiles. Concentrated tile cleaners with a neutral pH level are usually effective when trying to clean stained unglazed tiles.

Cleaning natural stone tiles

Stone tiles require a different approach compared to ceramic surfaces. The majority of cleaning solutions available on the market are not ideal for cleaning stone tiles. Most commercial cleaners have the capacity to damage these types of tiles. This is due to porosity.

Compliment your Clean Wall Tiles with Clean Floor Tiles

Once you have got your wall tiles cleaned, you can get your bathroom floor tiles professionally cleaned. Nothing beats the results of a deep grout clean for the kitchen and bathroom tiles of your home. Check out our tile and grout cleaning page for more information about our tile and grout cleaning service