It is okay to feel proud about a well-kept home as you invested time and effort into it. One of the most important aspects of your home is undoubtedly your carpet, but there are a few carpet cleaning mistakes that you might be making.

The following are Carpet Cleaning Mistakes you should watch out for:

1. Ignoring Stains

It is easy for homeowners to just ignore a stain. You might have a lot of things to deal with during the day, and you may think the stain can wait.

The truth is that allowing the stain to sit will make it seep deeper into your carpet. Most stains contain acids that could eat away carpet fibers over time, which could force you to replace sections of your carpet prematurely.

Don't ignore stains, clean your carpet right away.

Don’t ignore stains, clean your carpet right away.

2. Using Heat to Clean

One big mistake that some people make when cleaning their carpets is using heat. This can done with a steam cleaner or a wet vacuuming cleaner. These cleaners can be rented or bought, but heat or warmth will help stains set in.

You might be doing more harm than good by using these heat-sourced cleaning tools.

3. Rubbing a Stain Harshly

You might think that rubbing a stain harshly will remove the stain faster, but it does not. This act actually pushes the stain deeper into the carpet, and it parts the carpet’s fibers so that the stain can set in.

In short, you will be making the issue permanent rather than temporary.

Vacuum cleaner - carpet cleaning

Vacuum cleaner – carpet cleaning

4. Using Carpet Deodorisers

Many people rely on carpet deodorisers to clean their carpet. It is commendable that they are trying to take care of their carpets, but carpet deodorisers are not the best solution. They do not do much cleaning nor do they remove stains too well. These solutions might give your carpet a nice smell, which is the reason why some think the carpet is clean.

Another thing that should be pointed out is that a vacuum cannot remove all of the powder, meaning it will build up each time you do this method. Your carpet will end up attracting more dirt in the long run.

The wisest thing you can do is talk to a professional carpet cleaner who will use proper techniques to clean your carpet properly. You can pass this knowledge on because you might know a few people who are making at least one of these mistakes. Get a free quote on our carpet services for your Perth home. Contact us today.