Since the 1800s, carpet has been a popular choice of flooring in Australian homes. This is largely due to its capacity to insulate and the durability, stylishness and quiet comfort it provides.

Whether replacing old carpet or carpeting a new room, knowing what is available is essential. This is because buying the wrong carpet for your space could be a costly mistake. The best type of carpet for you will depend on who will be using the carpet, the size of your budget and the amount of traffic it will get. Below are some of the materials currently available:


This durable, man-made fibre is a popular choice for carpet. It is less expensive than other materials like wool and is also more stain resistant. It is ideal for households with children and pets and it maintains its colour against sunlight and frequent cleaning.


Wool carpeting is another popular choice as it is warm, luxurious and long-lasting. It is typically more costly when compared to other fibres. It is ideal for living spaces in which you want to make a good impression. It resists stain naturally and easily releases dirt; however, spills should be cleaned up quickly.

Before and after of Carpet being Cleaned in Perth home

Its good to consider a type of carpet that is less likely to trap dirt. This image shows how dirty and discoloured carpets can become.


This is an inexpensive, durable and water-resistant synthetic fibre that looks and feels cheap. It is frequently used in playrooms, garages and rental properties.


Carpets with a wool and nylon blend offer benefits of both fibres and cost less than pure wool carpeting.

Before You Go Shopping

Know the type and colour you want but bear in mind that aesthetics is not your only concern. The right pile and colour can assist in concealing stains and dirt in between professional cleaning. Professional cleaning is recommended once per year.

Pros and Cons of Carpet Colours

• Dark colours show lint but hide stains
• Lighter colours make small rooms seem larger but more readily show stains
• Speckled carpets with darker and lighter fibres hide stains and lint but can look cheap

Shopping for Carpet

To choose the best type of carpet, it is important to check:


Density, fibre quality and construction contribute to the durability of the carpet. You can ask for professional help in figuring this out.


Density is determined by the closeness of the tufts and the quantity of pile yarn present. Density can be checked by bending a sample of the carpet in a U shape; the tufts should be facing out. The less of the backing you can see, the denser it is.

Carpet underlay is important as it provides insulation, makes the carpet more durable, cover minor holes and bumps and absorb sound. Foam and rubber are the two most popular choices. The best underlay will prevent you from feeling the floor with your shoe’s heel.


Typically, the cheapest installation method is allowing the company you bought the carpet from to install it. Ensure you get a quote that is fully itemised. For example, ask if there is a cost to move furniture and have it included if there is one.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

No matter what type of carpet you purchase, it will eventually need professional carpet cleaning to ensure it retains its original colour. Our carpet cleaning service provides Perth homes with amazing results. We can clean your carpets and make them like new. Contact us today for a free quote.